January 5, 2021
Welcome to the Bulletin Board of “FOUNDRY” Magazine!
“Jan/Feb,2021” issue (Issue 193) of “FOUNDRY” magazine was released on 30-12-2020.
Two important Requests :
(i) When printed copy of your magazine reaches you in post, could you kindly acknowledge its safe receipt by email (mrshah_foundry@rediffmail.com), or by SMS/WhatsApp (94265 79432). It will help us to know when copies sent in post reach the Readers in different parts of India, in this difficult period of Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you, in advance, for your valuable support.
(ii) Please do not miss to read the “QUIZ related to Metals Properties” – on page 81-82, along with page 80 – and encourage members of Your Team to participate in it. On completion of the Quiz you will experience its benefit to each participant. (First 5 questions are simple warm up questions. Next 3 questions will strengthen thinking capability of your team members.)
Special Focus Points in This Issue are :
Informative Articles
What is Important in Metalcasting? Knowledge? OR Experience? (p 11-15)
– G. Srivastava
Foundry Practice for Pure Copper (p 17-18)
– From the Notes shared by late Prof. Iyengar
MELTING 4.0 – Digitalization and Digital Control of Melt Shop Operations in Foundries (p 27-33)
– Christian Kleeberg, Corrado Licata
Metallography Laboratory Management (p 43-44)
– Vishwas Kale
Metallography and Its Role in Foundry Industry (p 47-50)
– K. Adhitya, B. Raha
Points to Ponder
(1) Skilling the Millions for the Foundry Industry– Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj (p 55-57)
(2) Making of a High-Performance Organization– B. Ramachandran (p 75-76)
Clean Steel – A Review (p 59-66)
– Shreepad A. Bothe
NO CODE Platform – Next IT Revolution (p 67-71)
– Bhushan Bhatt
Post-Event News
Shri Deepak Chowdhary’s Paper receives The Best Paper Award from AFS (p 33)
Gautam Group (Rajkot) at IFEX 2020 (p 34)
News from WhatsApp Dynamic Foundry Group about their YouTube Channel (p 77)
Other Sections
Musings from GS (p 34)
Properties of Important Metals & Elements (p 80)
FOUNDRY Quiz related to Metals Properties (p 81-82)
Financial Performance of Listed Foundries (p 83-86) (1st half of 2020-21 vs. 1st half of 2019-20, also 2nd Q of 2020-21 compared in 2 different ways)
.Business/Job Opportunities & Consultation (P 45)
Resale of Foundry Plant & Equipment (p 77)
Movement in Raw Materials Prices (p 54)
Movement in Share Prices of 10 Foundries listed on BSE/NSE (p 78-79)
*Kindly Click Here to view the page of “Movement in Raw Materials Prices over a Period of 22 months” (pages 54), appearing in this issue.
Next (March/April, 2021)issue will be released in the first week of March, 2021.
Happy Metal Casting & Happy FOUNDRY Reading!
(End of Bulletin-93)